Wulff Projects
Company Overview

Wulff Projects is a property development company forging a distinct model of development in an often standardised industry. It’s in our process that we establish strong foundations – a focus on proactivity, consultation and collaboration is key from project outset. It’s also what allows us to deliver both strong financial and social returns on investment. By building great environments in which to live, we create sustainable investment outcomes.

Wulff Projects brings with us a trusted network of collaborators including consultants, contractors, and financiers who remain engaged through concept, planning, design, sales and build stages to beyond delivery. By involving all major contributors from project infancy we have seen innovative development solutions emerge.

Healthy project outcomes are underpinned by meaningful consultation with action groups, objectors, residents and councils; plus ongoing conversation with all project stakeholders including joint-venture partners and investors. The resulting developments are completed with strong amenity, and well within budget and timelines.

Current projects are establishing precedents in terms of community advocacy and Victorian Apartment Design Standards. By listening to the people who surround us – asking questions and fostering inclusion – the Wulff Projects team deliver sustainable investment and social outcomes. It’s through this lens that we view every opportunity.

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities. If you have a potential site, or collaboration, you’d like to discuss, please get in touch here.